Aquaculture innovation and scientific research granted new boost

Alex Whitebrook/ May 9, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment and the Aquaculture Marine Experimentation Network (REMA) have agreed to collaborate to promote the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.

General Secretary of Fisheries Alberto López-Asenjo has today signed a general protocol of action with the REMA, of the Business Association of Aquaculture of Spain (APROMAR), to promote blue growth through innovation and scientific research and technology in aquaculture.

Within the framework of this agreement, both agencies will coordinate their activities related to the blue economy in order to accelerate business projects in terms of growth and internationalization.

In this context, the protocol signed today (the fourth signed by the Ministry related to blue growth) identifies new opportunities for the sustainable development of aquaculture as well as synergies and compatibilities with other uses in the Spanish maritime space.

To this end, the Ministry will provide its institutional capacity and the instruments of the blue growth strategy for the aquaculture sector, especially financing means for the development of new projects.

For its part, REMA-APROMAR will generate a space of knowledge around aquaculture, which will bring together companies and technology centres of the aquaculture sector and those sectors that can generate knowledge to support opportunities that are identified.

Likewise, the generation of R&D&I projects and activities that support the sustainable development of aquaculture will be promoted, derived from the opportunities identified.

During the settlement of the protocol, which took place in the framework of APROMAR annual Assembly, Alberto López-Asenjo expressed the satisfaction of the Ministry about collaborating in the construction of this new knowledge space around aquaculture, activity that is expected to have a growing role in the supply of seafood products.

To this end, the General Secretariat of Fisheries will make access to funding available to the area of ​​knowledge with the support of the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

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