Aquaculture support firm merger boosts robotic vehicles

Alex Whitebrook/ July 3, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

The recently merger of two major aquaculture support companies will allow submarine robotic vehicle producing firm Saab Seaeye, a subsidairy of the Swedish firm Saab to expand the use of its vehicles in the diving operations of aquaculture centres.

The new merger of KB Dykk and AQS has become the second biggest aquaculture support organisation in Norway andf the new firm plans to offer a more relevant role to Saab Seaeye Falcon robotic vehicles.

Ola Krylstad, managing director of KB Dykk, said he chose his Falcons, the world’s top selling robotic vehicle in its class because they are easy to maintain, highlighting that as it has no thruster shaft seals to service or inspect it is ideal for aquaculture operations.

In addition, the executive stressed the added diver safety and efficiency the Falcon brings to diving operations.

These robotic vehicles can reduce dive time and improve safety by pinpointing and examining locations of interest before the diver goes down, then during the diving operation, keep a watchful eye – and save more dive time by transporting tools and parts back and forth.

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