Australia to double aquaculture value

Alex Whitebrook/ November 7, 2017/ News/ 0 comments

Australia has launched a new federal wide aquaculture strategy in which it plans to double its value.

The announcement was made by Senator Anne Ruston, the country’s assistant minister for agriculture, at the recent 2017 Seafood Directions Conference in Sydney.

She set a target of creating an industry worth at least $2 billion within the next 10 years, adding that growth should follow a sustainable pathway providing safe, clean and green Australian seafood.

‘World seafood demand is continuing to grow and with wild catch fishery production reaching a plateau, we need the aquaculture industry to fill the gap.

‘Australia’s aquaculture industry has an enviable reputation for producing high quality and sustainably sourced seafood.

‘This strategy has identified priority areas for the Australian, state and territory governments and industry to parlay the aquaculture’s reputation for quality into future growth with the aim of doubling the value of the industry by 2027.’

Australian aquaculture, the minister contended, was well placed to take advantage of growing world demand, with an abundance of space, clean water, a stable investment environment and high quality education and training.

‘We want to empower industry to harness the opportunities of increasing world seafood demand, and to support our commitment to develop a more competitive and sustainable aquaculture sector.

‘Through this strategy we will create more jobs and more high quality seafood for home consumption and for export to help feed a growing global population.’

She concluded: ‘The strategy has been developed in consultation with key aquaculture industry representatives and members of state and the Northern Territory governments.’

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