Cage aquaculture offers fresh hope to marine fish farmers

Alex Whitebrook/ November 15, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

Tsunza village in Kwale County is home to various aquatic resources that include different kinds of fish and sea creatures.

As expected, fishing is the mainstay of the area and the economic activity is mainly artisanal, subsistence or inshore.

However, this is changing following the introduction of cage fish farming that is slowly having a huge impact on the community, as it slowly turns fishers into fish farmers.

Community Touch Kenya, a community-based organisation, is behind the introduction of the form of aquaculture.

Juma Mashanga, the coordinator of the project, says they started it to reverse a decline in fish production attributed to over-fishing, illegal fishing gear and fishing in breeding grounds by the fishers.

“We want to teach the locals to be fish farmers so that they can know how to grow fish and not only to fish from the Indian Ocean,” he says of the project situated at Mwache creek of the Indian Ocean at Maguzoni.

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