Cargill’s aquaculture center is its first in four Asian nations

Alex Whitebrook/ February 15, 2018/ Press release/ 0 comments

Cargill on Wednesday launched its aquaculture technology application center to work in conjunction with the company’s new fish feed plant in India, the Hindu Business Timesreports.

The center, located on 3.6 hectares of land in Kaikaluru, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, is “designed to help aquaculture farmers access new innovations and apply the best possible solutions to grow healthy seafood,” the news service says. It will include 20 fish and shrimp ponds, a training facility and research station.

The Kaikaluru operation is just the beginning, as Cargill also plans to open technology centers in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia by mid-2018.

Cargill announced the opening of its first fish feed plant in Vijayawada, also in the Andhra Pradesh region, in late January, after it took over and updated a mill owned by Mulpuri Foods & Feeds. It’s expected to triple Cargill’s capacity to make feed for carp and tilapia from 30,000 metric tons to 90,000t.

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