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Aquatic Conference, VIV Asia 2017 – 14 March 2017


In total the one-day conference, hosted in cooperation with Progressus and Perendale Publishers, presented 12 highly respected Thai fisheries speakers across three sessions, at Novotel Sukumvit 20. Each session focused on ‘biosecurity’, ‘feed quality’ and ‘water quality’ in farming shrimp and fish species in both ponds and recirculation systems!

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Aquatic Asia

Soraphat Panakorn – Keynote Speaker

Soaphat Panakorn has 23 years of experience working in Thailand in the field of shrimp farming, with a Bachelor’s degree in Fishery Technology. His expertise in the fields of feed management, farm management, and farming weakness analysis have attracted further opportunities for experience. Internationally, he has served as a technical consultant in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, and other countries. Across these experiences, Mr Panakorn has spoken at over 200 shrimp exhibitions and conferences. He is author of many books and articles discussing shrimp farming management, and is deeply involved in organisations across the field of shrimp farming, from the Thai Aquaculture Business Association, to the Thai Shrimp Farmer Association. and many others. Having such broad and deep involvement with shrimp farming on every level, Mr Soraphat has become inextricably linked to industry. Therefore, he was an obvious choice as keynote speaker for the Aquatic Asia 2017 Conference.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Global Shrimp Industry Update and Specific Challenges in Asia.”

Aquatic Asia

Dr Putth Songsangjinda

Dr. Putth Songsangjinda has spent more than 30 years conducting research in the field of aquaculture system management, particularly on environmental quality, aquaculture eutrophication, effluent treatment, recirculation systems, material budget and modelling in marine shrimp production. In recent years, from 2011 to early 2015, he has held the position of Director at the Marine Shrimp Research and Development Centre.

Concurrently, he has worked for the Thai Department of Fisheries, solving EMS/AHPND problems since the first outbreak occurred in Thailand and helping restoration of national shrimp production. Most recently, he has taken on the permanent role of Marine Shrimp Culture Expert to the Department of Fisheries.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Impact of Climate Change in Shrimp Farming and Water Recirculation.”

Aquatic Asia

Dr Chalor Limsuwan

Dr Chalor Limsuwan studied his Bachelor of Science in Fisheries before continuing with a Masters degree in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Fish Pathology. He now works at the Department of Fishery Biology at Kasetsart University, continuing his research in to Fish Pathology. Over his career, Dr Limsuwan has had ample experience researching shrimp culture and disease prevention, becoming renowned as a forefront authority on the topic. He has regularly been required to speak on his research at conferences around the world.

Concurrently, he has held positions on various committees including: National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT): Committee of Agricultural and Biological Sciences since 2006-present; Supervisor of Board of Trade of Thailand (Fisheries and Fishery Industry) since 2005-present; and, Committee of National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) in Shrimp Cluster, National Science and Technology Development Agency since 2000-present.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Feed Quality and Feed Management in Shrimp Culture.”

Dr Varin Tanasomwang

Dr Varin Tanasomwang

Dr Tanasomwang has had experience in many management and research roles across many private and government research centres. Most recently, Dr Tanasomwang has taken on the role of Fisheries Management Expert at the Thai Department of Fisheries studying the development of coastal aquaculture. Dr Tanasomwang’s academic background began with a BSc. in Fisheries, before moving on to a MSc. in Fish pathology and a Doctorate in Aquaculture. She is one of the forefront researchers in these fields today.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Holistic Approach to Biosecurity in Aquaculture.”


Dr Holger Kühlwein of Leiber

As International Key Account Manager of Aquaculture for Leiber. Dr Holger is globally responsible for aquaculture-related matters within the business unit Animal Nutrition. His role includes support of distributors and customers, sales, strategic planning, technical support, R&D planning and marketing.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “From beer to fish: functional brewer’s yeast products in aquafeeds.”

Maarten Jay Van Schoonhoven

Dr Maarten Jay Van Schoonhoven of Olmix

Dr van Schoonhoven has previously worked as INVE Thailand and Salt Creek international sales manager, a Commercial Manager for Innovation and Nutrition and now holds a position as the Aquaculture Care Manager with Olmix Group. Maarten has also worked with aquaculture supplier Catvis and has a two MSc’s from Wageningen and Cork Universities in both Biology and Aquaculture.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Extracts from seaweeds to improve disease prevention in aquaculture.”

Alex Diana of Dr Eckel

Alex Diana of Dr Eckel

Alex Diana is based in Bangkok, Thailand, and works for Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) as a technical sales manager in the aquaculture feed business for the South East Asian markets. Alex Diana has a degree in Environmental Science and Marine Production with a major in aquaculture from the University of Sassari in Italy. He gained experience in aquaculture around the Mediterranean Sea and afterwards he moved to Belgium in order to obtain the Master of Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management offered by the inter-university programme organized by the Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent University. During this experience, he also had the opportunity to be involved in the mussels and finfish aquaculture around the North Sea. Previously, he worked intensively at the LOCEAN, Research Laboratory of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, in the context of the Ovide project that aims at documenting and understanding the variability of the circulation and water mass properties in the North Atlantic within the context of global change.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Feed preservation and further effects of new generation acidifiers on aquaculture productions.”

Ingrid Lupatsch

Dr Ingrid Lupatsch of AB Agri

Dr Ingrid Lupatsch has for many years been focused in the field of aquatic nutrition for a wide variety of fish species as well as shrimps, sea urchins and abalone. She has a wealth of experience, having spent many years at the National Centre for Mariculture in Eilat, Israel and later at the Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Research, University of Swansea, UK before she joined AB Agri Ltd. Her research has been focused on bioenergetics, quantification of dietary energy and protein needs, digestibility, feed formulation, optimization of feed management and waste remediation in the sector. Further research encompasses evaluation of nutritive efficacy of sustainable feed ingredients including plant proteins, animal co-products as well as algal biomass.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Strategies to optimize feeds and feeding regimes in aquaculture.”

Stéphane Ralite of Lallemand

Stéphane Ralite of Lallemand

Stéphane Ralite, is the Aquaculture Product Manager of Lallemand. He has a solid experience and knowledge of the aquaculture segment in different regions of the globe. During his career, he has raised shrimp in Thailand and held several positions within Evialis/InVivo group in France, playing a key role in the set-up of its aqua division Ocialis. After being aquaculture market manager within Diana group for its Aquativ Division, Stéphane Ralite set-up his own consulting company bringing his aqua expertise to different organizations. Since 2014, he is in charge of the global development of Lallemand Animal Nutrition aquaculture activity worldwide.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “An integrated approach to feed quality for optimizing performances.”

Mr Sjo Zwart

Mr Sjo Zwart of Aliphos

In 1991, Sjo Zwart started to work in the feed phosphate business. Now he works for Aliphos, daughter company of Ecophos. Over the years Sjo has been responsible, amongst other things, for the trial work within Aliphos into the biological value of its feed phosphates for different animal species. Nowadays aquaculture is growing rapidly, that’s why Aliphos initiated projects, led by Sjo, investigating the biological value of feed phosphates also in aquaculture.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “The value of inorganic feed phosphates in aquaculture.”

Dr Ramesh G. of Wegner

Dr Ramesh G. of Wegner

Ramesh Gangatharan, currently works as the Technical Sales Advisor – AquaFeed Division at Wenger Manufacturing Inc., USA since Jan 2011. He holds a Post Graduate degree & Ph.D in Coastal Aquaculture from Center for Advanced Study in Marine Biology. He has over 20 years of experience in the aquaculture industry. Prior to joining Wenger,  he has worked with the American Soybean Association-IM / US Soybean Export Council (ASA-IM / USSEC) in their India office as their Technical Manager –Aquaculture , pursued his own aquaculture consulting service, served in CP Aquaculture (India) Pvt. Ltd  as a Research & Development officer . He started his professional career during Aug 1995 as Aquavet Sales Representative at Wockhardt Veterinary  Ltd.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Extruded Feeds: For the growing demand of the aquaculture industry.”

Dr Apolinario Yambot

Dr Apolinario Yambot of PH University

Dr Yambot studied inland fisheries at the University of the Philippines, before moving on to a Masters in Aquaculture at Central Luzon State University and  a PhD Specialising in Immunology  and DNA characterisaion at National Taiwan University. Within the aquaculture industry, he has held the position of president on the Philippine Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for the past two years. Much of his post-doctoral research in to the biosecurity of aquaculture has been awarded, and he has taken the lead role in many reseaarch projects in recent years.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Water quality and Growth performance of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in response to bio-enzyme feed additive inclusion in the diet.”

Dr Hao of Empyreal

Dr Hao of Empyreal

Dr. Hoa has 23 years of experience working in Vietnam in the field of aquaculture research, shrimp farming practices, and aqua nutrition technology. Recently, Dr. Hoa has joined the Empyreal team with as the Technical Director to serve aqua customers in Southeast Asia.

PRESENTATION TOPIC: “Protein Ingredients: Considerations that impact animal performances and profitability  for aqua feed.”


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