Fisheries university begins training for farmers

Alex Whitebrook/ July 13, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

Efforts are under way under the aegis of the Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies (KUFOS) to promote and extend aquaculture in North Malabar which has high potential for freshwater and brackish water aquaculture.

The KUFOS’ regional centre started at Payyannur in March has already begun extension activities to expand aquaculture in Kannur and Kasaragod districts.

The centre has begun training programmes for people who are interested in starting aquaculture ventures in households, ponds, and open waters including rivers and backwaters.

A one-day training programme was held at Payyannur on June 10 by the KUFOS regional centre and the Aquaculture Development Co-operative Society for people interested in the field.

“The training programme held to draw prospective aquaculture farmers to the field and to give them basic information about the sector was attended by 100 people from Kannur, Kasaragod and Kozhikode,” KUFOS Associate Professor and the regional centre’s Special Officer B. Manoj Kumar told The Hindu .

The classes were conducted on freshwater and brackish water aquaculture, ornamental fish culture and also on several schemes of the Fisheries Department, he said.

KUFOS is trying to create a farmers’ database to help prospective aquaculture farmers and categorise them based on the kind of aquaculture they can do. While people from hill areas can do only freshwater aquaculture, brackish water aquaculture will be suitable for people in areas near the coastal area.

Dr. Kumar said the regional centre of KUFOS would conduct follow-up training and give technical direction to the farmers categorised thus.

KUFOS is also promoting household aquaculture that can be done in small landholdings and small ponds. Aquaculture in open waters such as rivers and backwaters requires permission from local bodies.

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