Greek aquaculture deal to be announced ‘soon’

Alex Whitebrook/ May 3, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

Aquaculture should be announced “soon”, with AMERRA Capital Management expected to be revealed as the winner, insider sources told Undercurrent News at the Brussels seafood show last week.

The deal might be announced by May 15, Kathimerini reported.

Last week, the banks sent the final text of the agreements to the US fund, so any comments and corrections could have been made in the following days.

Although there is no deviation in the deal, the asset value of one of the two firms might receive a downward deviation, helping the investor to “save” a few million compared to the initial price, Kathimerini reported, quoting sources close to the deal.

The investor’s biggest concern is for the companies to be in the best possible condition at the time it takes control.

The arrival of a new investor, together with Nireus’s improved results, will be beneficial for the Greek aquaculture sector as a whole, the firm’s CEO previously said.

“We are confident that Nireus’s dynamic business path, combined with the possible arrival of a new investor, along with the anticipated development of a large corporate structure, will mark a new era of growth for the Greek fish farming sector, the largest food industry in the country,” said Antonis Chachlakis, the firm’s CEO.

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