Greek aquaculture industry to launch new marketing campaign in Europe

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The Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Association (HAPA) is going to launch a new marketing campaign to promote its bass and bream offering in Europe, the association’s marketing and communications manager, Ismini Bogdanou, told Undercurrent News.

The marketing initiative aims to boost consumption of Greek aquaculture products, raising awareness on Greek branded fish and establishing a stronger bond with Greek and international consumers, Bogdanou told Undercurrent.

The campaign will help to establish the “national identity of a great brand, by capitalizing on Greece and by identifying the unique values and characteristics of farmed fish that grows in the Greek sea as opposed to fish farmed in other countries”, Bogdanou said during a presentation at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum in Bergen.

Ismini Bogdanou, Greek Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Association’s marketing and communications manager

The new campaign will be officially launched at the Brussels Seafood show later this year. It will include digital advertising in several countries, the creation of a new logo, the placement of food trucks and other initiatives.

HAPO was established in 2016 by 21 Greek farmers, with combined production of 81,947 metric tons in 2016.

In 2016 Greece counted 1,097 aquaculture sites, with 336 fish farms and 595 shellfish farms.

Greek bass and bream production in 2017 was estimated at 110,000 metric tons, slightly up year-on-year. Production is expected to rise to 118,000t by 2020 and further strengthen in the following years, according to HAPA.

Meanwhile, the sale of aquaculture giant bass and bream producers Nireus Aquaculture and Selonda Aquaculture is at its last stage, with two bidders having been selected by the banks.

It is likely that one of the two bidders will be allocated both Nireus and Selonda, which will lead to consolidation in the industry with the creation of the largest aquaculture company. Greek sources previously told Undercurrent that the merger of Nireus and Selonda would create more “stability” on the market but would not stop competition, as supply and demand are the main market drivers.

It is yet unknown when the sale will be completed, but once the selected fund winner will be selected by the banks, the takeover will need to be approved by Greek and European competition authorities.

Bogdanou declined to comment on the sale process.

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