Mexico and Peru strengthen technical cooperation in fisheries and aquaculture

Alex Whitebrook/ February 28, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA), José Calzada Rovirosa, and the Minister of Production of Peru, Lieneke Macría Shol Calle, met to strengthen the mechanisms of scientific-technical cooperation in fishing and aquaculture, as well as policies for the conservation and sustainability of the seas.

At the meeting, both officials agreed on the importance of combining global efforts to apply technological innovation in fisheries and aquaculture productivity, while protecting natural resources.

They also agreed that Mexico and Peru are among the first Latin American countries with the highest fishing activity and high consumption rates of seafood and aquaculture products in their population, as well as scientific advances for the protection of species and ecosystems.
The holder of the SAGARPA, showed the official of the Andean country the mobile applications SAGARPA PRODUCE and SAGARPA Markets, tools that facilitate access to agricultural and fishing information, in order to integrate producers with value chains and markets.

Calzada affirmed that Mexico Government, through SAGARPA, performs different actions in the areas of science, innovation, infrastructure, improvement in the fishing gear and also in sustainability, which allows the fishing and aquaculture sectors, record an annual production value growth of 16 percent.

He stressed that a central issue to analyze is how to give greater added value to seafood, not so much its exploitation, in order to achieve the development and progress of the people that make up the fisheries and aquaculture sector, with emphasis on small producers .

In turn, Minister Schol indicated the interest of her country in developing cooperation schemes with Mexico in the protocols of inspection and surveillance of this productive activity, programs to promote the consumption of seafood, innovation and infrastructure in fishing gear. and aquaculture projects.

On these issues, he said that Peru is a reference in the region for its progress and results, as well as for its recognition standards at the international level.

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