Aquaculture is the latest hotness for Silicon Valley venture capitalists in 2018

Alex Whitebrook/ April 10, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

Silicon Valley investors don’t usually pay a whole lot of attention to fish. But the world’s protein shortage is convincing venture capitalists that there’s money to be made in aquaculture, the ancient art of rearing aquatic animals and plants for food. Demand for new ways to feed the world’s 10 billion or so humans by 2050 will inevitably rely increasingly

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Europe must sea food in a new way thanks to warming waters

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Aquaculture, or fish farming, is one of the world’s fastest growing food sectors, providing about half of all the fish we eat. As it stands, climate change is altering our ocean’s environment, causing the seawater to become warmer and impacting the marine ecosystems profoundly. How will these changes affect marine species, consumers and industries that rely on them? Europe is

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Women in aquaculture: Alexis Chatterton

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Alexis Chatterton, mooring services manager with Gael Force Group, explains how developing equipment such as cages and mooring systems that can cope with extreme environmental conditions is key to the expansion of the aquaculture industry. Briefly describe your aquaculture career. My first job in aquaculture came when I Joined Gael Force Group, initially in the accounts department. After a short time,

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Marine Harvest buys Seahorse boats

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Marine Harvest Scotland has bought the fleet of Seahorse Aquaculture – and taken on the company’s four employees to crew the vessels. The three boats – The Nitrox, David Andrews and Tie Venture 111 – will be deployed in a variety of farm service roles. Marine Harvest Scotland seawater production manager David MacGillivray said: ‘I’d like to welcome our new

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ISA virus found in salmon at southern Newfoundland aquaculture site

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There have now been three cases of ISA-infected salmon found at Newfoundland aquaculture sites since October. (Aqua Maof Group/Submitted)More farmed salmon have been found at a Newfoundland aquaculture site with infectious salmon anemia (ISA). ISA is a finfish disease that has to be reported by law in Canada, but the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says it poses no risk to humans. The Newfoundland

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Does aquaculture have a future in the EU?

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An international symposium which will discuss strategies to support the growth of the EU’s aquaculture industry is taking place in Brussels on 12 June. The event, Assessing the EU Common Fisheries Policy: Stepping Up Efforts towards Sustainability, focuses mainly on fisheries issues but includes as session on unlocking the potential of aquaculture. Discussions will focus on simplifying administrative procedures and access

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Aquaculture stars in awards shortlist

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The high achievers of Scottish fish and shellfish farming have been named in the shortlist for the 2018 Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards. Some 38 companies, individuals and initiatives have made the shortlist for the awards, run for the first time by Aquaculture UK. The organisers have been overwhelmed by both the number of entries and standard of the submissions received.

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Students get hands-on study of marine life in AHS aquaculture class

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About 500 fish live downstairs in Auburn High School, cared for each day by students in the school’s aquaculture program. “We have in the neighborhood of 70 running tanks,” said Rollie Wright, aquaculture science teacher at AHS. “We’ve got about 1,600 gallons of water in the classroom part. In our grow-out system here, which is a separate room inside of

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MSD appoints new UK aquaculture manager

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​MSD Animal Health (known as Merck & Co in the US and Canada) has strengthened its aquaculture team with the appointment of a new UK aquaculture business manager. Sophie Smith brings extensive experience to the role and will complete the UK leadership team, which works with the top five farmed salmon producers on their fish health programmes by providing products

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Can Aquaculture Solve the Fishing Problems in the South China Sea?

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We apologise for brief break in our coverage. Outside commitments prevented our content provider from posting. Coverage will continue as per usual. Aquaculture is often championed as the sustainable solution to the overfishing and overexploitation of the oceans, including the South China Sea (SCS). In theory, aquaculture could safeguard food security and promote economic development while reducing marine catch intensity

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