UK aquaculture supplier Gael Force plots Canada expansion

Alex Whitebrook/ October 4, 2018/ News/ 0 comments

UK aquaculture equipment maker Gael Force Group has revealed plans to expand its business overseas for the very first time, with Atlantic Canada the target.

The company is actively looking to invest in a base of operations in Newfoundland and Labrador, where a major growth in salmon production is anticipated over the coming years. This comes as Grieg Newfoundland Salmon, a joint venture between Norway’s Grieg Group and Canada’s Ocean Choice International, is planning a massive project in the province and Marine Harvest has also acquired Northern Harvest Sea Farms, which has operations in Newfoundland.

Gael Force intends to use such a base to serve customers on the eastern side of Canada with a full product range that includes pen and barge moorings, plastic fish pens, concrete and steel feed barges, offshore feeding systems and pellet detection software.

The announcement of the new plan from the 35-year old company coincides with Gael Force’s involvement in the Cold Harvest conference and trade show for the Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association, where the group’s managing director Stewart Graham will give further details on the Scottish supplier’s expansion plans.

Gael Force marketing manager Marc Wilson believes there is a real opportunity in Newfoundland for the firm to expand its operations.

“Our visits to Atlantic Canada have revealed a commitment to aquaculture with a real appetite to grow the industry substantially,” he said, in a press release.  “Every person we have spoken to has welcomed the prospect of Gael Force making an inward investment in Newfoundland.

“We are highly confident in our ability to provide a trusted range of equipment and technology that will meet the needs of producers in the Atlantic Provinces and enable them to safely and securely meet the highest standards of fish husbandry.”

Five-year plan

The move comes as part of Gael Force’s ‘five-year plan’ for export business, as sales director Jamie Young explained to Undercurrent News in June this year.

“Part of overseas business will be acquisitions. It’s key for us to have people on the ground in export markets, to support our customers,” Young explained.

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